🦸CG Heroes: Items & Loot Box Scoring System

Migrate your Hero

At the initial launch, only 1,000 Heroes were released. If you have not migrated your Hero’s yet, make sure to do so right away! Please go to our platform and complete the steps in order to enjoy your Hero’s adventure.

Burn $VIL to Mint a Hero

Apart from purchasing a new Hero on the market, you can soon burn 1m $VIL in order to mint a new Hero. An increase in the number of Heroes enhances player engagement and benefits partner games with more participants.

To further engage our community and provide value, we are soon updating the pricing for shop items and introducing new utilities for $VIL tokens:

  • Loot Box 1: Stake 1 million $VIL for 50 days

  • Loot Box 2: Burn 50,000 $VIL

  • Rare Loot Box: Burn 250,000 $VIL

  • Epic Loot Box: Burn 1 million $VIL

  • Legendary Loot Box: Burn 4 million $VIL

New Loot Boxes with unique items and rarities will be introduced periodically.

Updated Points System

We've updated our points system in the game to be more balanced and engaging. Now, your Hero, which was initially worth 100 points, will be valued at 1 point. But here's a twist – equipping a new Skin to your Hero will add extra points to your character's score, depending on the specific Skin. This change brings a fresh dynamic to how you strategize and play.

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